ComfyUI基本工作流程SD1.5 二次通过KSampler采样器

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这个工作流在基本SD 1.5工作流里把KSampler采样器应用了两遍,并带有VAE。即使在相同的分辨率下(即:没有放大),第二次通过KSampler采样器也可以提高清晰度并修复小错误。增加KSampler采样器降噪可以增加更多细节,但也会更多地更改原始图像。


- CLIPTextEncode

- EmptyLatentImage

- KSampler

- VAEDecode

- PreviewImage

- SaveImage

- CheckpointLoaderSimple

- VAELoader


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  • #ComfyUI基本工作流程SD1.5 二次通过KSampler采样器# {模型_1:"dreamshaper_8.safetensors",正面提示词_1:"face close-up of her alluring eyes, captures alluring emotions, tantalizing thoughts, playful inhibition. A young appealing woman, 49 years old, reminiscent of Ashley Benson (resemblance rating: 1.3), dynamic pose. ((Her platinum-white hair cascades wildly, framing her alluring eyes)), she is adorned with smokey makeup. Mixed heritage: Norwegian (1.0), Spanish (0.5), German (0.8). (use of Gestalt Principles, Gestalt Laws), Panavision DXL2, Full-Frame, 60fps, 40.96 x 21.6mm, 1600 ISO, classic anamorphic feel: linear barrel distortion, oval bokeh, and beautiful blue-streak lens flares, gradual linear focus fall off, gorgeous amber lens flares, flares are blue and purple streaks with orange accents, creamy low contrast, shallow depth of field and stunning bokeh, atmospheric cinematography, ethereal ambiance, dramatic lighting, shallow depth of field, ultra-realistic, beautiful lighting, P3 Theatrical color space, gamma 2.6, 1M:1 Contrast Ratio, 600 nits HDR, 16 stops of dynamic range, 281 trillion hues, 35 million pixels on 8k RAW}, artwork in the style of Michael Turner (Top Cow), Laura Braga, Randy Green, J. Michael Straczynski, Marc Silvestri, Jim Lee, Aron Lusen and Christian Lichtner",负面提示词_1:"blurry, illustration, toy, clay, low quality, flag, nasa, mission patch",种子_1:8,采样器_1:"dpmpp_2m",调度器_1:"karras",步数_1:25,"cfg_1":6.5,宽度_1:512,高度_1:512,种子_2:1001,采样器_2:"dpmpp_2m",调度器_2:"karras",步数_2:20,"cfg_2":6}
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